Knowing the motorcycle well, doing the first few kilometers on the road, keeping a safe distance in urban driving… are some of the 10 tips for riding a motorcycle safely given by Francisco Francisco Domínguez, General Director of Peugeot Motocycles for Spain.

1. Buy good equipment

Gloves, an approved helmet, suitable closed footwear and a jacket with reinforced shoulders and knees must be part of every motorcyclist’s equipment. “It is recommended a complete motorcycle outfit that will protect from burns, bruisesetc.”, adds the person in charge of Peugeot.

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2. Know your motorcycle well

Experts point out as “essential” a period of progressive adaptation to the motorcycle or scooter.

In this sense, the recommendation is to start from less to more (first with a smooth drive) and pay special attention to the reactions of the vehicle (braking, curves, etc.).

3. Practical classes

For the person in charge of Peugeot it is “vital” to hire “at least one hour of practice for a first contact supervised by a professional”.

He also recommends accessing the Anesdor’s “Live the Motorcycle” platformwhere to consult content for the road safety of motorists.

For drivers who already have a specific motorcycle permit, it is advisable to search courses adapted to terrain, types of driving… This will allow them to acquire good habits from the beginning, improve and perfect the maneuvers with the help of specialist monitors, in addition to providing greater security.

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4. Better alone

“In this period of adaptation, he appreciates carrying passengers”, underlines the General Director of Peugeot motorcycles for Spain. Travel on motorcycle with passenger It can influence a moment of emergency braking or any other unexpected manoeuvre.

5. The first kilometres, on the road

Regarding the first steps with your new motorcycle, Domínguez points out: “it is advisable that you do not do these first kilometers in urban areas, look for a road with little traffic”.

In this way, you will be able to study the behavior of your new scooter or motorcycle without feeling overwhelmed by city traffic and other vehicles.

6. Caution on wet asphalt

It is also not advisable to do the first kilometers on wet or damp road. Driving in these circumstances requires additional control of the vehicle so, especially if you have just acquired it, it is advisable to spend a few kilometers observing and familiarizing yourself with the behavior of the mount on a slippery surface.

7. Emergency braking

The emergency stopsare very common in the city, so it is essential to “be alert” to what is happening around.

Remember that in case of emergency braking on dry ground, the motorcycle must be completely vertical when applying the two brakes with different intensity. If it is your first motorcycle, better a model equipped with ABS or combined braking. In this way, you will not have to worry about distributing the braking between the front and rear wheels.

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8. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

In urban driving, it is essential respect the safety distance and keep the index and middle fingers of each hand resting lightly on the brakes to minimize braking time in case you have to act quickly.

9. Manufacturer’s recommendations

Francisco Domínguez insists on something fundamental when purchasing a motorcycle (which should also apply to cars): “read the manual and comply with the recommendations for use of your motorcycle set by the manufacturer” regarding tire pressure, fluid levels… .

10. Don’t ride your motorcycle when you’re stressed.

“The anxiety it can alter your behavior in circulation, your ability to react, just like worries, which can make you distract yourself thinking about other things… When riding, it is essential that you be present, for your safety and that of others ”, Rodriguez sentence.