The DS 3 loses the Crossback name and renews its aesthetics and equipment. We tested the 100% electric E-TENSE version, which increases both its power and battery capacity.

As you probably already know, the DS 3 (now losing the Crossback nickname) is a B-segment crossover, that is, a car with an SUV appearance and the size of an urban utility vehicle (4.12 meters in length). Therefore, its scope of use is mainly the city, especially in the case of this electric E-TENSE version, which is the one I have been able to test.

His design It does not change excessively compared to the model that already existed, but I can tell you that now the headlights are LED throughout the range, that the front grill is somewhat larger and that the daytime lights are now made up of two vertical LED strips and not just one like before, which gives it a different look.

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DS 3 E-TENSE test

But I move on to the really important changes, which are those introduced in the mechanical section, since now the engine delivers 115 kW (156 hp), so it gains 15 kW (20 HP). That translates into great performance, since it goes from 0 to 100 km/h, as I have been able to measure, in 8.8 seconds. The torque figure, by the way, remains unchanged: it offers 260Nm.

Another important change, even more so, is that the battery increases its size from 50 to 54 kWh (gross). The net capacity is 50.8 kWh and that gives it a theoretical autonomy of 402 km. In this test you have consumed 16.6 kWh/100 km (the official WLTP data is 15.6 kWh), which would give you 325 km to travel in real traffic conditions.

Regarding its dynamic behavior, I confirm that it is a quiet and smooth car in their reactions. It is ideal for moving easily in urban traffic and outside the city it defends itself quite well, thanks to a suspension configuration that is not as soft as one might imagine. The space in the second row is not too much, but the legs do not touch the front backrest.

It comes standard with a driving mode selector: Eco, Normal and Sport. I recommend going in Eco if you want to optimize the range and in Sport if you want to quicken the pace and enjoy all its power.

With respect to equipment, still has a 10.3-inch screen, but now has a new, faster multimedia system with a more modern interface, as well as a voice recognition mode that works quite well. It also comes with wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard across the range.

This new DS 3 E-TENSE is part of the 41,500 eurosthat is, more expensive than most of its rivals.

What I like most about this DS 3 E-TENSE is its low consumption and least of all its price, but it must be recognized that it has a point of exclusivity due to design and quality of materials that cannot come for free. Its improvement in power and battery is appreciated.

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Consumption and real autonomy


Higher price than its rivals