Elon Musk has admitted to his investors that they dug their “own grave with the Tesla Cybertruck,” as well as many other difficulties that they are facing both in the development and production and marketing stages of the electric pick-up.

The Tesla Cybertruck may be the car that is taking the most for Elon Musk to develop and put on sale. It was presented at the end of 2019 and four years later the first units are about to reach customers. In the middle, a long road that Tesla has had to travel to get this electric pick-up ready for series production.

In fact, at Tesla they are aware of the challenge that has been and will still be, since the difficulties are not over yet. According to some recent statements by Elon Musk addressed to its investors, the company’s CEO assures that they dug their “own grave with the Tesla Cybertruck”.

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Elon Musk admits they dug their “own grave with the Tesla Cybertruck”

Despite this claim, Musk says that he drove the Cybertruck and that “It is an amazing product” even though “there will be huge challenges to reach mass production with the Cybertruck and make it cash flow positive.”

The company is assembling the first units of the truck at the Texas Gigafactory, which has a production capacity of 125,000 units per yearwhich means there is still a long waiting list to meet the demand of one million customers who have reserved the Cybertruck.

However, Tesla does not plan to increase the production capacity of the Cybertruck in the short term, although in the future they expect it to be multiply to reach 250,000 cars annual.

Elon Musk has assured that making prototypes is easy, but that making the production version sold to customers is “10,000 percent more difficult.” And that the top leader of Tesla affirms that the Cybertruck is very “radical” and “special”, and “that it is our best product so far”.

The last big challenge Tesla faces with the Cybertruck, beyond the ability to meet demand, is the price that the model will have. Initially it was announced that it would cost about $40,000, although last year Tesla confirmed that this would not be the case while Elon Musk himself has said that it is “incredibly difficult to do it at a price that people can afford”.