The fines for the incorrect use of the lights range between 80 and 200 euros

It is a maximum before leaving on a trip, but, some due to ignorance, others due to forgetfulness, not all drivers take it into account. We talk about adjust the height of the headlights according to the vehicle load.

For various reasons, it is not the same to drive with an empty trunk as it is with it full of suitcases (plus toys, some food…). It is also not the same when the driver and passenger travel alone as when they do so with the family occupying all the available seats.

Depending on the weight to be transported, many variables change. For example, him braking system is affected in such a way that the more loaded the greater the effort that must be made and, therefore, the safety distance that the driver must maintain with other vehicles to avoid accidents.

I also know increases fuel consumptionsomething to take into account in this Holy Week that will be the most expensive in history as far as fuel prices are concerned.

How to put luggage in the trunk of your car

Dim headlights based on load

When the trunk is full (especially if the rear seats are also full) the extra weight in the rear makes the nose of the car rises slightly. The main consequence is that the headlights will no longer illuminate the road and, in addition to reducing the necessary visibility, they can dazzle drivers who drive in front.

He headlight adjustment consists of adjusting the position and intensity of the lights. The objective is that it allows you to see the road clearly and that you are seen by the rest of the users.

regular lights

On the side of the dashboard, near the driver’s door, you will find the control to regulate the headlights. It is graduated by a numerical scale from 0 to 3 or from 0 to 5; these numbers indicate intensity, from lowest to highest.

When the car is empty we must leave the wheel in position 0; from there, it will have to be increased depending on the level of charge. Once back home and with the car empty, remember to adjust the height of the lights again.

The trick to know if the headlights are properly adjusted

In the workshop or in the ITV (headlights in poor condition are one of the main problems when it comes to passing the inspection) they use a machine that checks that the headlights are properly adjusted.

If you do it yourself you can use a homemade trick To check that the headlight adjustment is correct:

  • Position the car 30 centimeters from the wall and turn on the headlights
  • Measure the distance from the center of the headlights to the ground
  • Just at that height, stick a tape in a horizontal position on the wall and, with two strips of adhesive tape in a vertical position, form a “T”, marking the center of the spotlights.
  • Then move the car until it is at a distance of 10 meters from the wall
  • Adjust the headlights until the center of the cone of light touches the horizontal correction line. The main beam of light should fall between the two vertical lines that we have marked.

Remember that the fines for incorrectly using the lights, wearing a faded one… range between 80 and 200 euros.