And the brand does not want to take responsibility.

The quality problems in production from Tesla are something common, especially since the American brand, with the arrival of the Tesla Model 3, began to reach very high manufacturing volumes to which it was not accustomed. There are many flaws that its buyers have detected, but some, like the one we are dealing with today, are more worrying than others.

The affected person in question is Nizar Kamel, who this same year bought a Tesla Model Y (which as a note is the best-selling car in Europe so far this year). Specifically, it is the Long Range versionwhich in the United States sells for around $52,000.

He was checking his car when he found that the vehicle chassison its front part, presented cracks. Logically, the situation worried him, so, since he was in warranty (tesla It is offered for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first) went to a brand service center to have it taken a look.

In it Twitter thread writing indicates that he will go again (so we assume that the first time they did not give him a response) They told him that nothing was happening, which was something normal.

In fact, he writes that this is literally what he was told: “The discontinuity found in the front casting of this vehicle is inherent to the die-casting process. At this time, we are confident that your vehicle is structurally sound and safe to drive normally.”

Kamel told them that he did not feel safe with the car in those circumstances and that if they could leave him a sustitution vehicle until his was repaired, to which the center repeated that this was its opinion and that its technical team considers that it is perfectly safe to drive the electric car in these conditions.

In fact, not only They neither offer to repair it nor give you the alternative of a replacement vehicle. but. The user has even uploaded a video in which he shows that the car does not have any dents or similar that could have caused that type of damage.

In the thread, people ask him if the case has progressed, but in his last message he makes it clear that there is no news or new answers from the technical center.