A report indicates that Spain is the seventh country in Europe with the highest prices to charge an electric car. The most expensive is Denmark and the cheapest is Kosovo.

A report from the Irish company Switcher reveals that In Spain, on average, charging an electric car costs 20.46 euros. The figure places ours as the seventh country in Europe with the most expensive prices, below Denmark and Belgium. Czech Republic; and, above, Cyprus, Ireland and Latvia.

Switcher has analyzed the average prices of each European country when it comes to recharging electric cars based on data provided by Eurostat. The report explains that there are several factors that influence recharging prices: what is paid in each country per kW is important, but also the energy mix and the use of renewables, taxes and network costs.

Spain is the seventh most expensive country to recharge an electric car

According to data from the Irish consulting firm, Spain is placed in seventh position in the price ranking. In the table we show the 10 countries in Europe with the highest recharge prices.

Denmark 36.17 euros
Belgium 27.66 euros
Czech Republic 23.68 euros
Italy 22.43 euros
Romania 21.01 euros
Germany 20.68 euros
Spain 20.64 euros
Cyprus 20.09 euros
Ireland 19.87 euros
Latvia 18.43 euros

At the opposite extreme, that is, in the regions where charging the electric car is cheaper First place goes to Kosovo with an average of 3.92 euros per recharge. In second place is Georgia (5.21 euros) and, in third, Serbia (5.35 euros).

Completing the top 5 countries that stand out for their low prices are Bosnia Herzegovina (5.50 euros) and Albania (6.01 euros). Montenegro (6.05 euros), North Macedonia (6.35 euros), Hungary (6.68 euros), Bulgaria (7.07 euros) and Malta (7.78 euros) are also among the cheapest states in the EU.

Charging points for electric cars in Cullera

The more electric cars, the more expensive it is to recharge

The Switcher report shows another interesting conclusion and that is that, today, there is a direct relationship between the number of electric vehicles in circulation and the price of recharging. “Countries with higher tariffs tend to have a larger EV market share in new car sales and more electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads, except Cyprus and Czechia,” they say.

The data has another important interpretation: cHow much does it cost to travel 100 km by electric car? in the main European countries. In Denmark it is 10.53 euros; in Belgium, 8.05 euros; and in the Czech Republic, 6.53 euros.

If we go down the ranking to seventh position where Spain is, we discover that traveling 100 km with an electric car in our country costs, on average, 6.01 euros.