It is a restyling that affects the front and rear, but the most important thing is the new 156 HP electric motor that it inherits from the Astra

The history of the Opel Corsa begins there, in 1982. Little joke, eh! The little German urbanite now has 41 years behind him and is going sixth generation (which premiered in 2019).

After the last three years being one of the best-selling utility vehicles in some European markets, the time has come to update. The first thing that changes, as you can see, is the frontalwhich inherits the style inaugurated in its day by the Opel Mokka and the Opel Astra (surely you are familiar with the so-called ‘Opel Vizor).

This means a closed grille and more angular headlights, giving it a more modern look. Front and rear new bumpers and the name ‘Corsican‘ now appears across the entire width of the tailgate.

Goodbye to the gear selector lever

Inside, it has also received some other detail that is welcome: for example, the gear selector lever (It is now much smaller and leaves the center console clearer).

Test Opel Corsa Electric 2024

The steering wheel is new (with one more ring thick and ergonomic), debuts some other upholstery that it did not have today and, in terms of technology, it receives new hardware for the 10 inch screen which makes it faster (it arrives from Astra and also allows a voice control more advanced).

By the way, the protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto They no longer need a connection cable. As for the interior space, there is nothing new: the new Corsa is still a comfortable car in the front seats and a little tighter in the rear, with a trunk that ranges from modest to 267 liters of the electric versions until the 309 combustion range.

Test Opel Corsa Electric 2024

The platform remains the same as until now: it is the well-known CMP of the Stellantis group, on which the Peugeot 208, the Citroën C3 or the Fiat 600 are also mounted. It has not been chosen at random, since it is valid for both models gasoline as for those of Electrical technology.

In fact, the new corsa is still available with the 1.3-litre three-cylinder engine (with three power outputs). 75, 100 and 130 HP) and also as 100% electric, with the 136 HP block. Added to this last engine is what is the great novelty of this restyling: another variant 100% electric, but with 156 HP and a 51 kWh battery.

Test Opel Corsa Electric 2024

It doesn’t seem like much difference, but there is one, because the new battery comes with a completely different cell system (more effective), and the electric motor is also new and consumes less (the WLTP autonomy reaches up to 402 km48 more than the 136 HP one).

It is precisely the most powerful version that I choose for this first contact and the truth is that it has left me pleasantly surprised by its good agility (it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and it is the Fastest race in the range).

Test Opel Corsa Electric 2024

As one expects from a 100% electric car, the accelerator response is quick and sufficiently intense, allowing you to overtake with a sufficient safety margin.

On the move, the chassis adjustment seems to me quite balanced and we must highlight its great compromise between notable driving comfort (even on more broken roads) and a more than acceptable dynamism: enter with nobility in the curves and you only notice the 1,544 kilos that weighs when you sin of excessive optimism.

Test Opel Corsa Electric 2024

One of the things that has improved a lot is the feel of the steering, which is firmer and more communicative (before it was more assisted and artificial), which is always appreciated. Prices? With the most modest combustion engine in 75 CV starts at 17,400 euros and the electric range starts in the 32,590 euros.

The new Corsa Electric has looked to its older brother, the Astra Electric, to inherit a 156 HP engine that makes it the most recommended ‘0 emissions’ option in the range, both for performance and for its lower consumption.

The best

More modern aesthetics, improvements in technology, more powerful and efficient engine


Brake feel, high price, access to the rear seats.