The most sold and sportiest are also the most stolen motorcycles

Did you know every eight minutes a motorcycle is stolen in Spain? This means that 7.5 two-wheeled vehicles disappear every hour; every day, 180; every week, 1,260; each month, more than 5,000; and, per year, almost 60,500. The figure is very high but marks a decrease compared to the data recorded five years ago. It is also worrying that only 10% of stolen motorcycles are recovered.

All the previous data and the ones that we are going to review in the following lines have been extracted from a report prepared by the insurance comparator Rastreator based on information from the Ministry of the Interior.

The 10 most stolen motorcycles in Spain

The relationship of most stolen motorcycles in Spain show that scooters are the favorite segment of friends of others; the test :ehe Honda SH 125 occupies the first position in the ranking. It is also common for motorcycle theft complaints to have high displacement sports models as victims (in the following lines we explain the reason); In this group, the one that accumulates the most thefts is the Yamaha T Max.

We complete the list of the motorcycle models that suffer the most thefts in Spain:

  1. Honda SH 125
  2. Yamaha T-Max
  3. Kawasaki Z 800
  4. Yamaha C-Max
  5. KTM 125 Duke
  6. Yamaha YZF-Max
  7. BMW GS
  8. yamaha cignus
  9. yamaha neos
  10. SYM Symphony

On request, for parts…

There are several reasons that explain why thieves choose one motorcycle or another in each robbery. As it happens with the most stolen cars, those that are sales leaders are usually habitual in the complaints. It’s easy to explain: the more there are on the streets, the easier to find.

The high displacement sports bikes, between 600 and 1,000 cc, are also the object of desire. The main reason is that their pieces are expensive, highly valued on the black market, and therefore very easy to sell through illegal channels.


The next in preference and this may come as a surprise are the motorcycles that are not registered; these are used to compete and all they need is a frame number (which will have previously been falsified).

Lastly, the motorcycles that are stolen to order. They are usually exclusive models, very expensive, for which those who are willing to buy a stolen motorcycle pay large amounts of money.

The profile of the motorcycle thief

The Ministry of the Interior has drawn the profile of the motorcycle thief. He assures that they are usually young Spaniards between the ages of 20 and 27 who act in groups of between 4 and 10 members. On most occasions they carry out the robberies to sell the motorcycles for parts (this week the Civil Guard has dismantled a gang with this modus operandi).

Typically the robbery is carried out in several phases. The first thing thieves do is choose a place, they are usually little traveled and with a lot of motorcycles such as private garages. Then the robbery takes place; One of the most used techniques is load the motorcycle in a vanthey usually do it freehand, which leaves a good part of the anti-theft devices ineffective.

Later, the stolen motorcycle is transferred to a warehouse or workshop where they are dismantled and/or make up.