They stole vehicles, mostly motorcycles, to dismantle them and sell the parts in Africa

It is not the first time that we give this headline: The Civil Guard dismantles a network dedicated to car theft in Spain to sell its parts abroad. As on other occasions, the thieves have been arrested in various locations in Madrid and Toledo. The operation has resulted in three arrests.

The Civil Guard has carried out Sawara operation in collaboration with the Municipal Police of Madrid. The objective was to put an end to a network dedicated to the theft of vehicles for their subsequent handling, cutting and export through seaports to the African continent.

They stole cars to sell their parts

The operation has resulted in the arrest of three people, although there could be more because there are three others that are being investigated. In addition, the agents have intervened material that the members of the organization used to delete frame numbers and tools for the subsequent cutting of cars.

In the registered premises they have also found tools that they used to clone keys and makeup backstage; as well as frequency jammers, Blank vehicle documentation, 18 motorcycles and a passenger car. The agents in charge of the investigation calculate that the criminal gang would have obtained some 500,000 euros of profit.

Civil Guard

The pieces were sold in Africa

The investigations by the Civil Guard and the Madrid Municipal Police began at the beginning of the year on suspicion that they were committing theft of vehicles, mostly motorcycles, for their subsequent cutting and marketing of the parts.

According to the information provided by the Benemérita, the thieves “stolen the motorcycles on demand, regardless of make and/or model.” “Later, they introduced them into a warehouse or a warehouse where they proceeded to their disassembly into parts; once they had enough motorcycles, they transferred them to a warehouse located in the southern area of ​​Madrid, where they placed them in containers, covering the front with parts that they acquired in scrapyards to give the appearance of legality,” official sources explain.

Civil Guard

Most of the pieces were put up for sale on the illegal market in Africa. To do this, they transferred them to Valencia in trucks from where they were loaded into containers destined for the neighboring continent.

Detainees are charged with crimes