The fire in a hybrid car is especially difficult to control due to the lithium in its batteries.

The firefighters were forced to evacuate the Castellana 200 shopping center this afternoon after receiving notice that a hybrid car had caught fire while it remained parked in the building’s underground parking. According to the emergency services transported to the scene, the fire started at 12:30 in the morning on the -3 floor (of a total of four).

The story of the events tells that the car began to burn for unknown reasons and that the firefighters will try to clarify through the investigation that they have already started. The flames caused by the fire have given rise to intense black smoke that has been seen by witnesses who have been the first to raise the alarm and notify the emergency services.

The fire of a hybrid car forces the evacuation of a shopping center in Madrid

As we say, it was 12:30 in the morning when the Firefighters received the notice that a fire had started on the -3 floor of the Castellana 200 Shopping Centeron the street of the same number, one of the most important and busiest in the capital.

A total of 11 crews have been moved to the site. Firefighters of the Madrid City Council who have closed the building while police officers Madrid Municipal Police They cordoned off the area. Several Samur-Civil Protection units have also moved to the area.

He intense black smoke The cause of the fire has made extinguishing efforts difficult, although the fire has not affected any other vehicles. There have also been no personal victims to regret.

To prevent the smoke from harming the health of people near the affected area, traffic has been cut off in two lanes and workers in the surrounding offices have been asked to remain inside their buildings.