The fact that the electric motorcycles that appear on a regular basis are mainly low-capacity and in scooter format (quite an appropriate formula for this type of vehicle) does not mean that there is no room for authentic monsters such as the Verge TS Pro that, now, receives a very special limited edition, the Verge TS Pro Mika Hakkinen Edition.

It draws attention for its design, in the form of a naked with angular features, but the crux of the matter with this motorcycle is its mechanical section, and that is that it has an engine that is directly integrated into the rear wheel, which makes the power delivery is more direct by not needing intermediaries.

In addition, in this aspect it is more than enough, since the propellant develops 136 hp (the standard TS stays at “only” 108 hp) and 1,000Nm of maximum torque. The lash you should release when squeezing the throttle grip should be anything but small and allow you to accelerate more 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 secondsas well as reaching a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

With such performance, it is logical to worry about autonomy issues. However, the brand claims that, with its 20.2 kWh battery (the normal TS uses a 15 kWh one) is capable of traveling up to 350 kilometers per charge. In addition, it is compatible with fast charges and is fully refilled in 35 minutes.

Mika HakkinenBoard member of Verge Motorcycles, said: “I know from experience what it takes to develop a vehicle that embodies speed, precision and elegance. I wanted to design the bike down to the smallest detail instead of just choosing the color.”

“Each bike is numbered and features an exclusive signature. This electric super bike represents the future of riding and is a testament to a life lived to the fullest”, he concludes.

The Verge TS Pro Mika Häkkinen Edition is going to be a very exclusive bike, since they are only going to be made 100 copies with a price of 80,000 euros each.