Electric cars still have a problem: recharging. It is still slow, unless you opt for powerful alternatives that can fry the batteries, so manufacturers do not stop trying to find new solutions to the situation. Ford is one of them and has presented an approach to charge two electric cars at the same time… or more.

At the moment it is only a patent, an area where the oval brand is especially fruitful, since new designs appear regularly that, later, may reach production or fall by the wayside.

In the case at hand today, making it a reality will be something that users of zero-emission models will really like, especially those who own fleets.

The patent is based on the concept of V2Lthat is to say, Vehicle-to-Load, which refers to the bidirectional charging systems that many of the latest electric vehicles on the market have and that allows them to supply energy to appliances, homes or even other cars. However, ford has given it a spin.

Instead of connecting only two vehicles, one using the battery to recharge the second, the patent shows a system that allows, with a single charging station, plug in multiple vehicles to replenish their batteries.

The basic approach would be to connect the vehicle to the charging station and then use adapters to add more vehicles to the chain, using the charging port of the first to send electricity through the adapter and one cable to the next. According to the diagram, up to three could be connected, although it is possible that the system worked with more.

It would therefore be an ideal solution for those owners of fleets of electric vehicles, who could recharge them without the need to install a huge number of charging points.

Now, there is one problem that it is not very clear if this format would solve. It is currently prohibited to use extension cords at the charging points, so it would be necessary to determine whether the operation of this system follows that same principle, which would a priori invalidate it, or whether it would be a different configuration.