Focus on electrical.

He Munich Motor Show 2023 is just around the corner and, along with the best-known brands, new players will also be present. With the help of Astara, at the German event you will be able to see the latest developments from Microlino, Maxus and Silence.

One of the great protagonists will be Microlinoa miniature electric car that reissues the concept of the legendary BMW Isetta and that the brand considers that it meets the daily needs of an average user, who does not usually travel more than 35 kilometers a day on a regular basis.

It measures only 2.52 meters, weighs 435 kg without battery, has capacity for two people, uses a 12.5 kW motor and is available with three different batteries: 6 kWh for 91 km of autonomy, 10.5 kWh for 177 km range and 14 kWh for a range of 230 km.

Silence is already known as an urban mobility brand, which currently presents two products in its range. On the one hand, the Silence electric motorcycle in versions S01 and S02which are the twins of the Seat Mo; and the Silence S04a microcar that is also offered in two variants and approves up to 149 km of autonomy.

Finally, Maxus already markets in Spain the Euniq 5, a seven-seat electric minivan; but this time he will focus on the mifa 9a model with quite similar characteristics.

It is also a minivan with a seven-seat interior configuration and electric in nature. It has a power of 245 HP and 350 Nm of maximum torque, uses a 90 kWh capacity battery and approves a range of 435 kilometers (580 km in the case of driving exclusively in the city).

William Meerschaut, Brand Director at Tara Western Europe, said: “As pioneers in this dynamic industry, we are excited to showcase our wide range of mobility solutions at this great event.”

“Our innovative approach aims to democratize mobility for all people. Through a distinctive mobility ecosystem, we are not only preparing for the future of mobility, but we are actively redefining its context and taking advantage of each of its opportunities,” he concludes.