There is a problem among electric car drivers that perhaps no one has been able to see until now. An image shared on a famous Internet forum shows the solution they have put to this problem in a charging station with several chargers available.

The future inevitably lies in the electric car, combined with alternative propulsion systems such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels. However, the electromobility It still faces a series of problems that must be solved over the years until it becomes a feasible mobility solution for citizens.

One of the handicaps that must be faced is related to the Charging times and accessibility to public chargers. And the fact is that the network of chargers, despite being constantly increasing, could have the risk of not being enough to supply energy to a vehicle park that is made up, for the most part, of electric cars.

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The problem among electric car drivers that no one knew how to see

See on reddit

A user of reddit has shared an image captured at a charging point at the Dallas Airport (Texas, United States), where you can read a message addressed to electric car drivers asking that “If your car does not accept more than 100 kW… please do not park on this charger”.

The message is directed to a series of specific models (although there are others), such as the Chevrolet Bolt, the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Nissan Leaf, the Mazda MX-30, the Mini Cooper SE, the Smart EQ ForTwo and the Volkswagen e-Golf.

The reason for this curious request is because the charging point in question “provides 350 kW” of electrical power, so “if your car is not capable of using all this capacity you are preventing cars with fast charging from being able to use it”.

The message assures that “fast charging cars can connect and disconnect fasterwhich benefits everyone.”

Users of electric cars that do not exceed 100 kW charging capacity are also invited to use other charging points located in this area, stating that these vehicles “will not experience slow charging in these [cargadores] and yet you will charge as fast as your car can”.

Finally, you can read a request to electric car owners: “Please learn how electric car charging works and what is the best way to use them for efficient charging.”

While it is not prohibited to use a high-power charging point, such as this 350 kW charger, when an electric vehicle does not support this type of charging, raising awareness to use the appropriate charging stations for their car is actually beneficial for everyone, since allows the battery of a greater number of cars to be recharged in the shortest possible time.