It will have 500 kilometers of autonomy.

He Mercedes eActros It is the German brand’s electric bet for the truck market, a model whose launch is just around the corner, but which is already being tested in Spain and which, in addition, has already revealed its first technical details. officers.

This is a new round of tests for heavy transport, focused on high temperatures of up to 44 degrees, but it was previously in Finland testing its performance and recharging capacity at the opposite extreme, dealing with the thermometer at 25 degrees below zero.

From its mechanical section it has been revealed that it will be made up of two engines that, combined, will develop a 400 kW power. However, as usually happens in this type of systems, they will be able to reach performance peaks of up to 600 kWthat is to say, 818 HP.

To feed the eActros Three battery packs will be ordered that together will offer a total capacity of 600 kWh. According to Mercedes calculations, it will be enough to achieve a autonomy of about 500 kilometers.

The batteries are one of the model’s main assets, since it is one of the first Western trucks to use lithium-ferrophosphate (LFP) chemistry, which has the main advantage of being more durable, degrading less and having a longer useful life. . Thus, the firm points out that will last more than 10 years or 1.2 million kilometers.

In addition, they are capable of supporting high-power loads, up to 1 MW (1,000 kW), thanks to which the process to go from 20 to 80% takes less than 30 minutes.

But when will the Mercedes eActros hit the market? It has not yet been finalized, but reports suggest that the first pre-series model will be rolling before the end of the year. In a more or less parallel manner, copies will begin to be delivered to buyers, who will be able to begin testing them.