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Throughout history, the Russian automotive industry has left us with some vehicles that today we consider cult jewels, such as the Lada Niva. Also in the world of two wheels the Ural brand was important. Here comes this spectacular restoration of an abandoned Ural sidecar.

The person in charge of the restoration has been a well-known Youtuber from those lands who, through his channel Rescue Storyshows us all the laborious process that he has carried out to bring back to life this sidecar that he was carrying decades abandoned in a barn.

This Youtuber is dedicated to locating abandoned objects of the former Soviet Union and make them work again. And, as seen in the video of more than 40 minutes in length, he does not lack expertise.

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A brand born during the Second World War

This is the spectacular restoration of an abandoned Ural sidecar

Rescue Story

The history of the Ural brand dates back to the beginnings of the Second World War. While Hitler took control of much of Central Europe and France, the Russians made a copy of a BMW motorcycle.

When Hitler decided to break the non-aggression pact sealed with the USSR in 1939 and invade the Soviet country, the company moved from Moscow to the UralsHence the name of the brand. Today it continues to exist, although privately, of course.

Like all Russian vehicles, Ural motorcycles were reputed to be very robust and resistant. And the one you see here gives good proof of this. The bike was in an old abandoned barn, a treasure for Rescue Story.

This is the spectacular restoration of an abandoned Ural sidecar

Quickly, he got to work restoring the classic Russian motorcycle. The first thing was to remove all surface oxide layers. After this, it could be seen how the vehicle was not in such bad condition, thanks to the fact that it remained sheltered from the sun, cold and rain.

As they disassemble the pieces, He treats them and leaves them completely clean. Suddenly, in a moment of the exploded view, the protagonist finds what, at first, seems like a bird nestbut it is actually a handmade air filtersomething very common to prevent particles from reaching the carburetor.

Once all the pieces have been disassembled, the next step is paint the ones that need it and repair the others that they are in worse condition to, later, reassemble the motorcycle and the sidecar.

The final result could not be more surprising, a beautiful sidecar that has gone from being completely abandoned to becoming a piece worthy of being in any museum.