There are only a few days left until the spring equinox, but winter seems to want to last a little longer and in many areas of Spain, low temperatures continue to be recorded that force the use of heating. we are going to give you three tricks to use the car heater and save gasoline.

In many parts of the country it is still necessary to provide heat inside the car, but it is convenient to know how to do it so that it does not have a negative impact on fuel consumption, at a time when the price of these is in the stratosphere and any savings , no matter how small, will be welcome.

From the outset, we want to emphasize that setting the car heater too high affects your car’s gasoline or diesel consumption, but also your own safety, since it can cause drowsiness or other effects.

Three tricks to use the car heater and save gasoline

Three tricks to use the car heater and save gasoline

Too high a heating temperature increases the consumption of your car, be it gasoline or diesel. This is because the engine also generates power for the vehicle’s auxiliary systems, such as the climate control.

To tell the truth, the operation of the heating does not suppose an extraordinary increase in consumption, unlike air conditioning. But added to other technological systems that are in operation while you drive, it translates into a higher fuel economy.

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In hybrid vehicles (of whatever type) this is not the case, since the battery that powers the electric motor also generates the energy needed by all these auxiliary technologies.

So that the heating of the car does not affect consumption too much and you can save gasoline, the ideal is that the temperature ranges between 19 and 22 degrees.

Besides, you must focus the aerators downwardsas the hot air rises. In this way, the hot air will be more easily distributed throughout the passenger compartment.

A third trick to save gas is turn on the heating after a few minutes and after starting the march. Even if you are cold, you should wait a bit, because until the engine has warmed up enough, it will not provide warm air. So, if you put the heating on right away, only cold air will enter and it will cause condensation.

In this way, you will have an optimal temperature inside your car and you will not only save fuel, but also you will also reduce CO2 emissions.

Safety Benefits

Three tricks to use the car heater and save gasoline

Using the car heater at the right temperature has a second positive reading that has to do with safety.

Because driving with too high a temperature can cause sleepiness, fatigue and irritabilitywhich produces a loss of attention and the ability to react to an unforeseen event.