When it comes to stretching your salary, a scrapyard may be the best supermarket to fix a car that is not fully insured. You can find everything you need, although you have to make sure that the pieces are in perfect condition, since not everything is valid for safe travel.

What can you take advantage of scrapping and what not?

When it comes to stretching your salary, a scrapyard may be the best supermarket to fix a car that is not fully insured. You can find everything you need, although you have to make sure that the pieces are in perfect condition, since not everything is valid for safe travel.

Going shopping is a therapy to lift some people’s spirits, especially when they are easily capricious and tend to feel down on gray days. Brand new things are always nice and if you can show them to the neighbors, even better. However, I don’t know anyone who does illu spending your salary after an unforeseen event on your car that is not fully insured. Solution? He scrapping. But not so that your car dies there, but to obtain cheaper spare parts that will revive it.

He Royal Decree 1383/2002 of December 20 on the management of end-of-life vehicles has forced old vehicle cemeteries to become modern authorized decontamination centres. If you need a certain piece and want to save the extra price of purchasing the original from the brand, keep in mind that there will be two possibilities to get it: camp and the ship.As the scrapyard receives many more permanently decommissioned cars than it can process per day, they are temporarily deposited for brands and to satinas we explain in these tips for buying parts at a scrapyard.

Toolbox in hand, you can go there to dismantle the part you need on your own. Do it with work clothes and thick protective gloves (latex ones are insufficient). Eye: Please note that in this phase the parts they have not passed any type of control and they do not have to be in optimal condition, even if they charge you for them upon departure.

Certified parts

After a few days, the workers will take these remains to the decontamination ship, where the fluids (gasoline, oils, brake fluid) will be removed from the battery and usable parts. Then they will press it and take the sheet metal cubes to the shredder.

In some Spanish Autonomous Communities, it is not mandatory to remove the tires before pressing a car and sending it to be recycled.

In the warehouse, the spare parts are classified and certified for the warehouse, a kind of supermarket where you can order the most unexpected spare parts.

Although they also inform you by phone, it is best that you go in person. The normal thing is that when you pay for them they give you a receipt so that, in case the piece is broken, you can exchange it for another identical one in no time. period of three months (except for items related to electricity). Check online which one is closest to your municipality and save!


It is one of the components where you can save the most money. The scrapping sells reviewed and in blocksomething very advantageous because a brand new engine is not usually profitable for an old car.

New: 5,964 euros.
Used: about 800 euros.


Very dirty or cracked, it’s not worth it. In good condition, check the expiration date of the airbags (if equipped) and the adjustments (electric or manual). Unlike the engine, you can assemble the seat without help.

New: 274 euros.

Used: about 80 euros.

Front bumper

If it is not your color, you will have to paint it in the future for aesthetics, but it will allow you to pass an MOT without problems. Make sure it is not cracked.

New: 180 euros.

Used: 40 euros


You can find them in the warehouse at very good prices and with good drawing. But keep in mind that the law only requires scrapyards to ensure that their used tires have a tread of more than 1.6 mm, but do not talk about their manufacturing date or whether they are crystallized. Put them new!

New: according to measurements.

Used: from 6 euros.

Steering wheel

There are impeccable ones that are there after a recent accident, when the car was still new. Only those are interested in whether the airbag and the multifunction buttons work well.

New: 228 euros.

Used: 100 euros.

Pads and Discs

Other wear and tear items that are sold in scrapyards… and are rarely of interest because they cause more problems than joy. The discs can make strange noises if they are not perfect, and the pads can be crystallized, even if they meet the thickness. Also, if you put them in used, you will have already shortened their useful life.

New: 157 euros.


Moons and lunettes

Used they represent a good saving and rarely go to the warehouse if they are broken.

New: about 300 euros.

Used: 100 euros, approx.


Check that the turbine blades are not broken or deformed and… go with it. The bad thing is that it will be difficult to get rid of the labor involved in installing it. Even so, you will win.


Compare prices, because second-hand doesn’t always save a lot of money. To get by with a car that you are going to get rid of soon, you can do the ‘fix’, but don’t forget that this element influences stability and braking. If it is in the field, discard it.

New: 40 euros.

Used: about 10 euros.

Rear axle

It may be an item that is a shame not to reuse if its owner with wheels died ‘of old age’ (an engine failure, for example) and not from a serious blow to the rear or a rollover that has deformed it. Consider purchasing it only if it is certified on the ship and its condition is good.

New: 994 euros.

Used: about 110 euros.

There are also white marks



Headlights: they are parts that you can buy new originals, new white label or used at scrap yards. In any case, the chrome plating of the optics must reflect light well.

Renault Scénic headlight (year 2000)

New in an official workshop: 190 euros
New in unofficial stores: 92 euros
Used (dismantled): 35 euros



Mirrors: here you have to make sure that the pieces fit, the motor and resistance are good (if they are electric and heated) and that the mirror is not broken

Citroën Xsara rearview mirror (year 1999)

New in an official workshop: 80 euros

New in unofficial stores: 70 euros

Used (dismantled): 30 euros

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