Yamaha is the most stolen motorcycle brand in Spain, with up to five different models on the list with the ten most stolen motorcycles in the country.

Unfortunately, car and motorcycle theft continues to be a scourge that continues to affect Spanish society. Vehicle thefts are a criminal activity that is increasing exponentially according to sources Trackingwho confirm that Yamaha is the most stolen motorcycle brand in Spainwith up to five different models within the top 10 most stolen motorcycles.

Interestingly, the most stolen motorcycles in Spain They have a close relationship with the best-selling motorcycles, for the simple reason that many of the thefts are aimed at dismantling the vehicles to resell their parts and accessories separately, especially in a segment such as motorcycles where it is very easy to damage several vehicle parts in a single incident.

The spare partsThey are often expensive and repairing a motorbike often entails a high bill. To save some money, many bikers turn to the second-hand market in search of original parts and the popular dismantling carried out by other owners in order to make a profit when selling the parts.

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This opens up a wide market that represents a business opportunity for many ‘friends of foreign goods’, which encourages motorcycle thefts in order to disassemble them into parts and resell them. For this reason, many of the most stolen motorcycles in Spain also coincide with the best sellers on the market. The greater the demand for spare parts, the greater the supply must be.

Yamaha is the most stolen motorcycle brand in Spain

In the list with the 10 most stolen motorcycles in Spain there are up to five different models of the Japanese brand Yamaha. This means that the products of the manufacturer of the tuning forks are tremendously popular with thieves.

This is the list with the most stolen in our country:

  1. Honda SH 125
  2. yamaha tmax
  3. Kawasaki-Z
  4. yamaha x max
  5. KTM 125 Duke
  6. BMW GS
  7. Yamaha YZF-R1
  8. yamaha cygnus
  9. yamaha neos
  10. SYM Symphony

As you can see, the list includes five Yamaha models, two of which are among the five most stolen in Spain. Also, four of the five models (with the exception of the Yamaha YZF-R1) are motorcycles. scooter.