The power of the Land Cruiser name is amazing, and that is why one will arrive in electric format in not too long.

Yes, there will be an electric Toyota Land Cruiser, and this is the proof. A few months ago we were talking about the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 receiving an update to continue selling four decades later. The power of the Land Cruiser name is amazing, and that is why one will arrive in electric format in not too long. It will join the 100% electric Mercedes G-Class and the small Suzuki Jimny, which will also be electric.

And we know this thanks to the presentation in the Japan Mobility Hall of the Toyota Land Cruiser Se prototype. With this, Toyota has confirmed that there will be an electric Land Cruiser for anyone who loves off-road vehicles. This concept has the format of the Land Cruiser with a futuristic design, electric drivetrain and four-wheel drive. Of course, the data is still very scarce.

It is known that it has three rows of seats. On an aesthetic level, it presents futuristic details, with thin headlights and a very modern aesthetic. It does not have a grill, it mounts cameras instead of rear-view mirrors and the patterns formed by the LED lighting put us fully into a different atmosphere. All this for a car that promises to remain the same, a true 4×4 capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Thanks to its maximum instantaneous torque It promises a very interesting off-road driving experience. In addition, the brand highlights that it will be the same but with a higher level of comfort, thanks to how quiet, among other things, it can be in urban environments or traveling on the road. Of course, the prototype has large alloy wheels with low-profile tires. We understand that the production model will be offered with more pure off-road wheels and tires.

The electric Land Cruiser could abandon the stringer and crossbar chassis for a monocoque, a car that is currently in concept format It measures 5.13 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and 1.70 meters high. It is surprising how low it is compared to other models, exceeding the current Land Cruiser itself by 1.8 meters. We understand that they will seek maximum efficiency in aerodynamics.

We don’t know anything else. toyota He has not given more details. We do not yet have data on the powertrain, not knowing the number of motors, power or battery size. We will continue to have Land Cruiser in the manufacturer’s range, but we still have no idea what we can expect in this regard.